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If you are looking for to have your eyebrows threaded then look no further. I have been threading for over 20 years, originally in India, followed by Dubai and now in Cornwall. I work from home and am based in Pool, Redruth, not far from Cornwall’s city of Truro.

I have many happy customers and you can check my reviews on Facebook by searching in Google for Flavias Beauty Studio.


What Is Threading?

Eyebrow Threading or any facial threading only requires a thread. There are no chemicals applied to the skin and only the thread touches your skin. It will remove hair at the follicle level and the more threading appointments you have, the finer the hair gets as it regrows.

Threading originated in the East and has been practised their as a form of hair of removal for hundreds of years.


How long will my Appointment Take?

Your threading appointment for eyebrows will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. This really depends on what condition your eyebrows are in, how often you come to me and how long you have been coming.


How Often Will I Need To Get My Brows Threaded?


This depends on your genetics – everyone has different levels of hair growth and can be from anywhere between 2 weeks to 8 weeks but generally it will ideally be 4 to 5 weeks.


I Thought You Would Be In Truro But You Are Not


I am based in Pool, Reduth but wanted other areas, close to me, can find out about me and experience traditional Indian eyebrow threading at its best. Truro, Cornwall is our main city and I was sure people in the TR1 post code would want to know about me.


Do You Have Parking?

I live opposite to Morrisons in Pool, this is a good place to park and I am a minutes walk across the road.


Does Threading Hurt?

This varies from person to person. Its similar to plucking but have many hairs removed in one go. Most people say they can feel it a little at first but after more appointments they can’t really feel anything.

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Why Should I Try Threading Rather Than Waxing?

Threading involves no chemicals which is especially good for anyone with sensitive skin. Threading is more precise and removes even the finest hairs which even waxing can’t remove.


Threading is getting more and more popular and if you want to try it out or have had a bad experience then come and try me out, its only £5.00.


Truro eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Thread and Tint

Truro Cornwall Eyebrow Thread And Tint


Eyebrow threading is a technique that removes hairs at the follicle level. It is performed using a piece of thread that is twisted an rolled over the hairs which will remove a good number in one go.

The pain that is experienced when having hairs on your brows or face threaded will vary from person to person depending upon your tolerance to pain. It will feel similar to tweezing but as it removes a number of hairs at once so the pain does not last as long.

Threading does not use any chemicals on the skin as waxing does so the technique is great for the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Threading is best used on the facial area. It is a great, hygenic way of removing hairs on the face, upper lip, chin and of course the eyebrows. Using thread for eyebrows allows for the practitioner to shape the brows precisely and the thread is able to remove even the finest hairs.

The more times you have your facial hairs or eyebrows threaded, the finer the hairs will become. As the hairs grow finer you will find any pain you may experience will slowly lessen.

If you are living in or close to the TR1 area of Cornwall, or are close by and looking for someone with many years of experience, of an Indian origin to perform your eyebrow threading then give me a call. There are many people who have yet to have tried or are too scared to try threading but it is the best technique, especially when performed by a professional.

I am based a couple of miles from Truro city centre and look forward to you choosing me to give threading a try or to experience the original Eastern practice.