Eyebrow Waxing Tutorial For Beginners | Beauty Compilation 2020

Eyebrow Waxing Tutorial For Beginners | Beauty Compilation 2020

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Eyebrow Threading at 30,000 FPS

I Film Tweezing Threading and Waxing Eyebrows in Ultra Slow Motion so we can better understand what is going on during those hair removal processes since it happens too fast for us to see.

These shots are so slow and so close they are beyond anything that we are able to see with our unaided eye.

It was amazing what we could see with the high-speed camera, you can see the hair follicle pulled from the skin and it looks just so detailed and interesting, with the threading you can see exactly the mechanism at work and how the thread twists and pulls all of the little hairs right out with a rolling action and as for the waxing well its very similar to pulling tape off of your skin…pure awesomeness in my opinion.

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Program Guide

00:00 Intro
01:11 Tweezing
02:00 Threading
03:10 Waxing

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Eyebrows Professional Transformations | Brows Tinting and Styling Tutorials 2020

Eyebrows Professional Transformations | Brows Tinting and Styling Tutorials 2020

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PDO Thread Lift to Tighten Face and Neck

http://www.RajaniMD.com- Thread combinations for body and face provide the best results. Here Dr Rajani injects PDO Novathreads to the neck and face region in one visit.
Relying on one or two tools such as neurotoxins and fillers can lead to “done” looking results.
Novathreads new barb 4 has made an impact for practices with a smoother application and less side effects. Here Dr Rajani reviews the Barb 4, the injection technique and pain control.
There are surgical and non surgical options. PDO threads work very well if used in correct numbers and patterns to tighten the skin and lift. There is little downtime and results will take some patience with smooth and are more instant with barbs. The non surgical approach appeals to many clients. Sometimes fillers are over used to obtain lift when subtle tissue lifting will give a better aesthetic result.

Dr Rajani has his own training center at
DR Rajani is a trainer for AIAM, Galderma, Allergan, Suneva, Viora, CoolSculpting, Dermasculpt Microcannula, PRF and a sought after speaker and educator. Dr. Rajani is noted for his signature procedures – PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaGlo and PlasmaLip.

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How To Tint Brows At Home Tutorial | Shonagh Scott

Today’s tutorial is on how to tint your eyebrows at home. This is ideal for when you’re going on holiday or just don’t want to consistently fill in your brows with a pencil, pomade or powder. The tint will stain your skin and colour your vellus hairs (white soft ‘peach’ hair) thus making your natural brows appear fuller and create a better shape.
Remember to patch test all tints BEFORE use to prevent you having an unwanted reaction.
NOTE: You should clean your eyebrow hair before tinting to remove any oils sitting on the hairs, and you can use vaseline around your eyebrows to prevent excess staining – usually only necessary if you’re going to tint for the full 10 minutes. As mentioned in the tutorial, I prefer to do it minutes at a time as my hair grabs tint really well and I don’t like them dark.

Products used:
Orangewood Stick
Cotton Bud
Cotton Pad


Olympus E-PL9 – Click here to register your interest for the new camera and receive a (rare) 10% discount code! https://www.olympus-imagespace.co.uk/shonagh-scott-10-e-pl9/

Aputure Amaran AL-M9
UK: http://amzn.to/2FSQHfU
US: http://bit.ly/2FPr9jD

Camera – Panasonic GH5 http://amzn.to/2tzAxno
Lens – Panasonic 14-140mm http://amzn.to/2sf6Ggz
Lighting – Soft Boxes http://amzn.to/2sAMHbC
Dimmable Ring Light with mirror & stand http://amzn.to/2sAIswH

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@ – hello@shonaghscott.co.uk

Full face threading step by step/Full face threading tutorial/face threading/facial threading

Full face threading step by step/Full face threading tutorial/face threading/treatment

Threading class for beginners:

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Class 4:

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Threading chair

facial bed

hair wash chair

head steamer

facial steamer

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hair clipper

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royal salon chair

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DIY: Perfect Eyebrow Threading at Home | Simple & Easy Tutorial |SuperPrincessjo

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Yes I am not wearing any makeup in this Video , just Lazing around at home, giving time to my skin to breath 🙂
This Tutorial will show you how to DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Hold the thread for threading and the threading process to get rid of unwanted hair at home, easy,simple,fast technique for perfect eyebrows shaping.
How to DIY Eyebrow Threading : This is the requested video on how to Hold the Thread for threading eyebrows, upper lip,lower lip,chin,cheeks, forehead and face for hair removal and get rid of all unwanted hair.
In India it is The most common method of hair removal, It is easily available to get threading done at the beauty parlor and salons.

Threading the method of using a Thread to remove the unwanted body hair. Unlike the threading machine widely available.
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Products required:
A thread you can get it at any craft supply store , or dollar store for less then a dollar.
Loose powder
Astringent or soothing agent, I use dabur Gulabari Rose water.
Your eyebrows obviously 🙂

Benefits of Eyebrow threading Include but not limited to:
Perfect eyebrow shaping
saving money ( we all love that 🙂 , cost free method.
Comparatively Less painful

Results can last 2-3 weeks depending on the individual hair growth and regular threading.

Yes, it requires little practice to do the threading yourself at home, But once you get hold of it, you will love the results and the best thing is it is cost free, you save lot of time doing it yourself at home or where ever your are. Also you know your face better then anyone else so you can shape your eyebrows perfectly as you want.
I hope you learn the eyebrow threading soon and enjoy doing it yourself anytime anywhere.

If you haven’t tried Threading, i recommend to visit any Indian beauty saloons and see the result. 🙂 I am sure you will love it.

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Hey beautiessss, I hope you all enjoyed this video tutorial on how to tint your eyebrows at home, super quick and cost effective! I hope you were able to take something from it! I honestly think tinting your brows makes such a difference and its so quick and easy you can just to at home rather than pay every time!!

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