Eyebrow Threading at 30,000 FPS

I Film Tweezing Threading and Waxing Eyebrows in Ultra Slow Motion so we can better understand what is going on during those hair removal processes since it happens too fast for us to see.

These shots are so slow and so close they are beyond anything that we are able to see with our unaided eye.

It was amazing what we could see with the high-speed camera, you can see the hair follicle pulled from the skin and it looks just so detailed and interesting, with the threading you can see exactly the mechanism at work and how the thread twists and pulls all of the little hairs right out with a rolling action and as for the waxing well its very similar to pulling tape off of your skin…pure awesomeness in my opinion.

I’m thinking about doing a few more videos like this on certain types of hair removal processes as well as other than type of skin treatments so let me know what you think about this video in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for Watching!

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Program Guide

00:00 Intro
01:11 Tweezing
02:00 Threading
03:10 Waxing

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !

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