PDO Thread Lift to Tighten Face and Neck

http://www.RajaniMD.com- Thread combinations for body and face provide the best results. Here Dr Rajani injects PDO Novathreads to the neck and face region in one visit.
Relying on one or two tools such as neurotoxins and fillers can lead to “done” looking results.
Novathreads new barb 4 has made an impact for practices with a smoother application and less side effects. Here Dr Rajani reviews the Barb 4, the injection technique and pain control.
There are surgical and non surgical options. PDO threads work very well if used in correct numbers and patterns to tighten the skin and lift. There is little downtime and results will take some patience with smooth and are more instant with barbs. The non surgical approach appeals to many clients. Sometimes fillers are over used to obtain lift when subtle tissue lifting will give a better aesthetic result.

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